Pay my Bill

1. By Debit or Credit Card Online




2. Online with Internet or Mobile Banking App


  1. Open your online banking or mobile banking app.

  2. Add us as "Payee" (a company you want to pay):
    1. Select Hydro One Remotes Communities Inc. or Hydro One Networks Inc. (either will work)
    2. Type in your 12 digit account number (in the top right corner of your bill starting with a 29)

  3. Type in the amount you would like to pay, confirm payment, done!


3. By Credit Card over the Phone


  • Phone us at 1-800-465-5085 and press "1" to pay a bill.

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and pre-paid credit cards including Northern Store "WE" cards.


4. Telephone Banking


  • If you would like to use a Debit Card to pay your bill, you can pay through your bank's telephone banking service.


5. At a Bank


  • If your community has a bank (many reserves do not), or if you are visiting a place that does, bring your bill with you and pay there. As well, most banks allow bill payment at their ATM bank machines.

6. At the Post Office or Store


  • Send a money gram from your local post office or store.


7. By Mail


  • Mail us a money order or band cheque.


Banking Documents (PDFs)


English (.PDF)

Ojibway (.PDF)

Oji-Cree (.PDF)



Billing Options



Budget Billing


Pre-Authorized Payment


Budget Billing


  • With Budget Billing you pay an AVERAGE of your annual bill each month, instead of high bills in the winter and lower bills in the summer.

  • Budget billing gives you a steady payment amount to budget for.

  • Phone us at 1-800-465-5085 to find out what you would pay every month.


Pre-Authorized Payment


  • If you have a bank account, you can sign up for free to have your exact payment automatically withdrawn every month! A fast, simple and easy
    way to pay your electricity bill.

  • We withdraw the exact amount of your bill from your account 21 days after the bill is issued so you always pay on time and you avoid late payment charges.

  • Phone us at 1-800-465-5085 to set up Pre-Authorized Payments.


Pre-Authorized Payment Enrolment form (.PDF)




Bill Templates - How to Read your Bill


Bill Template - Ojibway (.PDF)

Bill Tempate - Oji-Cree (.PDF)