Customer Advisory Board

Customer Advisory Board "CAB"


It is very important for Remotes to understand our customers’ perspective about our business to help inform and advise on our communications, programs and services as we continually strive to make our business better.

To help achieve this, for many years Hydro One Remotes has a Customer Advisory Board and it is currently made up of 8 regular customers who must be in a non-elected role in their community (not Chief or Council). Board positions rotate, each a 2-3 year term with overall group membership varied by gender, age, road access or fly-in community and language so as to be as representative as possible of the 22 communities we serve.

We communicate monthly through email and phone and have our main in-person all-day meeting in Thunder Bay once a year. CAB members are paid an honorarium for their time.

The CAB has been instrumental in providing key feedback to Remotes, informing our direction on communications, contests, education, programs and services.

Thank you CAB members!