New Connections and Upgrades

New or Modified Electrical Connections in Remote Communities


Planning a new or modified electrical connection in a Hydro One Remote Community?

The steps below outline the process and will help us serve you better. The agreements/forms/permits you may need are outline in BOLD


  1. Planning for Service

    • To help you plan your new construction call us on 1-888-825-8707 7.30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. EST or email

    • We will discuss your project, such as the building details, service size, type of heat, electrical service, etc.

    • We may also be able to offer you advice about where to locate your building to help save you money on your connection costs (new poles are expensive) and can let you know whether the generation station in your community has the capacity to connect your new service. Note that connection restrictions could be in place for a variety of reasons.

    • Request Service

      • As soon as the foundations are built, call us or send us an email.

      • We will need the following information about your project:
        • Size of service (eg.) 100 amp/200 amp
        • Type of Heat
        • Location of service (i.e. meter number(s) of existing customer(s) on either side of the new service.)
        • Contact person at site and phone number
        • Contact electrician, if required
        • Note that all meters bases must be located:
          • at the front side of the building
          • facing the street/roadway, or on the side of the building, not more than 3 metres from the front
            facing the street/roadway
        • For larger services, over 200 amp, we will require a set of drawings, single line diagram and size of
          all motors as we will have to perform a further engineering investigation and review prior to connection.

      • After getting the details about your electrical service, a (HYDRO ONE REMOTES) LAYOUT LETTER AGREEMENT will be sent to you that details the layout fee payable by you for the layout and other terms. Once this agreement is signed and you have paid the layout fees, we will set a date and send an engineering technician to your worksite to do the layout.


      • Do not start wiring your building until:
          • Hydro One Remotes has completed a layout (next step)
          • The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has been contacted (see step 5)

    • Layout

      • During the layout site visit, our engineering technicians look for the best way to connect your building and where to locate your meter base, following industry standards and electrical safety rules.

      • More complex connections (such as a large commercial or community building, or multiple connections, such as a subdivision) will require an on-site meeting with the building or electrical contractor.

      • The layout site visit will also determine the labour, equipment and materials that will be required for the project, allowing us to calculate construction costs.

    • Construction Costs & Account Set-up

      Once our engineering technician has completed the layout, please do the following:

      • Download and fill out (HYDRO ONE REMOTES) NEW CUSTOMER FORM Complete and return to us with the new account customer's information (If the customer name is unknown, the account can be set up in the First Nation or contractor's name).


      • We will send you the (HYDRO ONE REMOTES) CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT & INVOICE to complete. This will outline what the construction of the poles, lines, wire and infrastructure to your site will cost. (Note that construction costs can be 25%-50% higher if work is done during winter months or if other issues arise with the connection such as bedrock complications, contractor delays, etc.). This Agreement must be signed and construction costs paid before the work will be scheduled. Actual costs are billed after the work is completed.

    • ESA Involvement

      • Before you begin wiring your building, call the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) at 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233) to file a (ESA) NOTIFICATION OF ELECTRICAL WORK.

      • All electrical work in the province requires an ESA electrical permit and must be completed before or within 48 hours of when the electrical work starts on your new building. Note that an electrical permit is not the same as a building permit.

      • ESA will potentially inspect the building wiring at 3 stages: rough in, service, and final/finishing. Call the ESA at 1-877-372-7233 to arrange the inspector's visit to your site.

      • Once the electrical work has passed inspection, an (ESA) CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION will be issued to the permit holder which confirms it is in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

      • For more information about the Electrical Safety Authority please visit

    • Connection & Line Construction

      • Once the Construction Agreement (part of Step 4) is signed and returned, and the invoice paid (and Remotes has received a Connection Authorization notification from ESA), we will schedule the line construction work. We will try to schedule the work for your project along with other work in your community to keep costs down. Note that line construction work is scheduled on a first come, first served basis once all obligations are met.

      • Our line crew completes the line construction work at the job site – coordination with your contractor and ESA may be required.

    • Congratulations, You're Connected!

      • Call Hydro One Remote Communities billing at 1-800-465-5085 to ensure that the account is in the correct customer's name.


    Download PDF versions


    (English), (.PDF) - Planning a new connection with Hydro One Remotes

    (Ojibway), (.PDF) - Planning a new connection with Hydro One Remotes

    (Oji-Cree), (.PDF) - Planning a new connection with Hydro One Remotes