Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program

This Program assists Hydro One Remote Communities upgrade inefficient lighting systems to energy efficient LEDs in existing band-owned commercial buildings such as the arena, school, band office, hotel, restaurant, community centre and more. Changing over to energy LED lights saves the community thousands of dollars in operating costs annually, and saves Hydro One Remotes the fuel costs associated with generating power used to power those buildings.Upgrading inefficient lighting also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas
emissions within your community.


New LED Lights Install at Kingfisher

Figure 1 - New LED lights installed in a Kingfisher Lake First Nation building through the Commercial Lighting Program

LED Wallpack Installed above a door

Figure 2 - LED wallpack installed above a door.


How this program works


Hydro One Remotes and your community will discuss what equipment will be purchased, what work will be done, and calculate a rebate amount (money back) that Hydro One Remotes will pay your community once the work is completed; Hydro One Remotes will pay for a percentage of the cost of the replacement light fixtures and lamps (100% of the cost for non-Standard A, and 50% for Standard A buildings), and will also remove and responsibly dispose of the old lamps, avoiding any environmental risks that might be associated with discarding the old lamps in the community landfill.


How to apply

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Gail Murray, the Community Relations & Customer Program Coordinator at 1-807-474-2832 or email Projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and the number and quantity of awarded work will depend on the availability of Hydro One Remotes’ budget on a year to year basis. Working with your tribal council can also be a help in moving your project forward.


On the community side, you will look to:


  1. identify a key individual in the community to work closely with Hydro One Remotes for planning and coordinating the work;

  2. identify an electrician/consultant/tribal council rep to work with you on the project and a provide a brief description of their qualifications;

  3. Identify the band owned buildings where you want to update the lighting. Put together a list of the account numbers and/or the meter numbers for each of the buildings - this information will be used to figure out the current energy consumption;

  4. we will need a letter from your Chief giving permission to share the energy consumption information to your chosen electrician/consultant/rep who you are working with on the project;

  5. provide enough supporting documentation in the form of blueprints and/or sketches of the existing building(s) locating all existing light fixtures;

  6. identify all existing light fixtures, lamp sizes, wattages and types within the building in order for Hydro One Remotes to determine required upgrades;

  7. absorb all costs associated with the collection or development of drawings or information required;

  8. provide an estimate of lighting usage in the building(s) based on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. For example, 8 hours /day 5 days a week for 52 weeks of the year. Some sections of the building may be used more than others so be sure to mention which areas;

  9. pay the cost of installation of the lighting products needed, and cover all additional costs such as wiring, etc. Please take into consideration that the cost of installation may include the hiring a licensed electrician and/or any additional costs such as travel associated with this work;

  10. declare that all work will meet the Electrical Safety Standards (ESA) prior to award of agreement;

  11. arrange and pay for an ESA inspection once all the work has been completed;

  12. assume responsibility and costs associated with inaccuracies within submitted information which may result in delays or cost overruns because of incorrect amounts, specifications or sizing of existing lighting systems;

  13. complete the work within the calendar year in which the project was awarded unless otherwise agreed to by Hydro One Remotes;

  14. notify Hydro One Remotes upon completion of the work and allow for Remotes staff to tour the building(s) and take pictures for their own records and use; and

  15. allow Hydro One Remotes to use the estimated kWh savings calculations as a reduction in consumption when reporting to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB).


Download PDF version:


(English), (.PDF) - Remotes Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program