Understanding your Bill

1. Your Account Number

Your 12-digit account number is located in the top right hand corner on your statement. You’ll need to use this number when making payments, when you contact us for customer service or to report an outage. If you move to another property serviced by us, you’ll continue to use the same account number

2. Your Statement Date

This is the date your statement was issued. You have 19 days to pay your statement before you incur late payment charges on outstanding balances.

3. Your Billing Period

This indicates the start and end date for your electricity usage captured for billing purposes. You can tell the length of your billing period by reviewing the number of days shown in brackets under the “current month” in the “What does my electricity usage look like?” graph.

4. What do I owe?

Please pay the total amount owing, which includes the current statement amount plus any outstanding balance from previous statements. Please turn over your statement for a summary of how we calculated your charges.

Two Tiered Bill Update Sample Sheet

5. How much did I use?

This shows how much electricity you have used in kilowatt-hours (kWh) over the billing period. To see your current and previous meter readings, along with the dates obtained, please turn over your statement. This information is displayed below your itemized charges.

6. When is it due?

Please pay your statement by the due date to avoid any late payment charges. If you’ve signed up for AutoPay (Pre-Authorized Payments) it will show the date your payment will be withdrawn from your bank account.

7. What does my electricity usage look like?

This graph shows how much electricity you’ve used for the current billing period and compares it to your previous billing period and the same period last year. To help you understand any variations in your usage, we’ve included the number of days for each period shown. In addition, we show the percentage your usage has changed when compared to the same period last year.

To find more details about your electricity usage, please log on to myAccount to access these tools. If you’re a first time user, you’ll need a copy of your electricity statement to register. Once you’ve logged on to myAccount, select “My Energy Usage” to see how much electricity you’ve used on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

You can also compare your statements and use the “Predict my Bill” tool to estimate the amount of your next statement.

8. What do I need to know?

Remember to check this section for important information that might affect your statement.

Ontario Support Bill Message

For customers who receive the Ontario Electricity Rebate and support from one or more of the following provincial support programs will receive this bill message:

- Ontario Electricity Support Program
- Rural or Remote Electricity Rate Protection program
- Distribution Rate Protection program
- First Nations Delivery Credit.

This bill message will include an amount representing the sum of the provincial support provided to the customer.

9. How to contact us

We’ve included convenient ways you can connect with us. Our customer service representatives are ready to answer questions about your statement, electricity service or anything else related to Hydro One that you might like to discuss.

10. Payment slip

Please detach and return this slip if you’re paying by mail or when making payment at a bank or ATM.

Please note if you have a credit on your account that’s equal to or greater than your electricity charges, or if you’re using our AutoPay (Pre-Authorized Payments), the total amount due will be blank and you’ll only see your mailing address on this slip.

Your instalment plan status

If you currently have an instalment plan, your comparison chart may be moved to the back of your statement. In its place, you’ll see a graph showing how many payments you’ve made towards your plan and how many are outstanding. As well, we’ve highlighted the total repayment and the monthly repayment amounts. 


11. What am I paying for?

This section shows if you have any amount owing (or a credit) from your past statements and adjustments (credits, late payment charges, account set up fees, etc.) as well as the total amount for your electricity charges for this billing period.

12. Your service address

This shows the property that's being billed.

13. Your point of delivery number

If you’ve enrolled with an electricity retailer, this is the number you should use when you call them.

What am I paying for, billing information sheet

14. Your service type

When assigning your service type (also known as rate class), we consider the nature and use of your electricity service, as well as the number of other customers connected to the distribution line. The more customers there are in your area, the lower the cost to serve you. Knowing your service type will help you identify which delivery rates apply to you.

Year-round residential customers are rate type “Non Std A Residential” (R2). There is also residential seasonal service type “R4” is defined as any residential service not meeting the year-round criteria including cottages, chalets and camps. See the section under Customer/Electricity Rates for more information on current Electricity Rates.

We break down your electricity charges by line item and provide an explanation for each.


15. Electricity

This is the cost of generating the electricity you used this period. Usage is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and depends on the wattage of devices you use and how long you use them. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) sets the cost per kWh and the money collected goes directly to the electricity generators without any markup.


16. Usage Breakdown

Next to the Electricity line item is a breakdown of your energy use. The Ontario Energy Board sets prices. You can see how much electricity you have used at the lower tier. Once you have exceeded 1000kWh a month, the rate goes up to the middle tier price, and once that value is exceeded, the higher price applies


17. Delivery

This is the cost of ensuring you have reliable power when you need it. Hydro One collects this money to build, maintain, and operate the electricity infrastructure, which includes power lines, steel towers and wood poles covering over 960,000 sq. km. A portion of this cost is fixed and a portion varies depending on the amount of electricity used.


18. Charges

On-reserve First Nation Customers are not charged Regulatory Charges. There is also a Service Charge shown, which cancelled out by the First Nations Delivery Credit. If you are a First Nations customer and do not see the First Nations Delivery Credit on your bill, please call our billing department at 1-800-465-5085


19. HST

HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is 13 per cent.


20. Ontario Electricity Rebate

The Ontario Electricity Rebate reduces the pre-tax amount of the bill by 17.0%, effective November 1, 2021.

The rebate is calculated on the base amount of the bill prior to applying HST. The base amount includes the Electricity charge, Delivery charge, and Regulatory charges. It excludes any other charges that may appear on bills such as late payment charges or disconnection charges.

If your first bill issued after November 1, 2021 includes any usage in September or October, the rebate will be pro-rated based on the number of days of usage pre-November at 18.9% and the number of days of usage on and after November 1, 2021 at 17.0%.


21. Your Adjustments

This section is displayed if you have any credits or charges, such as a late payment charge, account set up charge, etc.


22. Meter Reading Period

Your meter number is the number shown on your electricity meter. Your meter may be located on an outside wall, inside your home or mounted on a pole. If you live in an apartment or condominium, your meter is probably centrally located with the meters of other units.

Your meter reading period indicates the start and end date of when your electricity usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh) was captured for billing purposes. If your meter reading is estimated, it will show “Estimate” next to your readings. If there is no “Estimate” shown, your readings are based on an actual read.

Your usage in kWh represents your total consumption during your meter reading period.


23. Additional Messages from Hydro One

This infographic shows that we are responsible for delivering electricity safely and reliably to your home. We don’t generate electricity or set rates.

Remember to check this section for other important messages from us. Here we’ll share services or regulatory messages, promotions and new solutions to help serve our customers


Your Budget Billing Plan Summary

If you’ve enrolled in our Budget Billing Plan, your summary will be included on page 2 or 3 of your statement. The summary shows the total of your actual charges billed to date (including your current statement) less the Total of your Budget Billing plan amounts billed (including this statement). The difference is the balance remaining on your plan.


Your Budget Billing Plan Reconciliation

12 months from when you started your Budget Billing plan (or when you leave the plan for any reason such as a final bill), we’ll reconcile your account and apply any applicable charges or credits on your next statement. For your convenience, we’ll display a chart on page 2 or page 3 of your statement that summarizes each month, so you can see at a glance how much you have paid versus the amount you have used. The last column shows either the total amount owing or the total amount of your credit if you have paid more than you have used.

There’s no need to re-enrol on the plan, you’ll be automatically enrolled for the next 12 months.