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Our Vision


We will be the leading electrical utility and a trusted partner to remote communities in Ontario’s north.


Our Mission


We supply safe, reliable and affordable electricity to remote communities by focusing on continuous improvement, operational excellence and outstanding customer service.


Our Business


  • Hydro One Remote Communities Inc. – often referred to as “Remotes” – is a subsidiary of Hydro One Inc. We combine the advantages of a large company’s expertise in the energy sector, with the intimacy and excellent customer service of a small business.

  • We generate and distribute electricity to thousands of customers in many remote communities in Ontario’s Far North.

  • Most of the communities we serve are “off-grid”, meaning they are not connected to the electricity grid. Currently, the most reliable and cost effective method to generate power in these remote communities is using diesel generators.

  • Northerners can depend on us for safe, reliable and affordable power.

  • The Remote Communities team is made up of over 50 highly trained and skilled employees, including engineers, mechanics, line maintainers, electricians and technicians stationed in Thunder Bay.

  • Since the cost of living in the north is high, we operate our business to break-even and we do not make a profit.


In Communities


  • The majority of the communities we serve are First Nations and many of our suppliers and contractors are First Nation enterprises.

  • We work closely with First Nations communities and Band Councils to help them meet their electricity needs.

  • We provide local employment opportunities hiring local First Nations Operators to work in our generating plants, local meter readers, as well as cleaning staff and other services.


Our Customers


  • We understand that the cost of living in the north is high. The communities we serve have the lowest electricity rates in Ontario!

  • When customers call our office, they can expect a caring person to answer the phone within 30 seconds. Our dedicated team is always eager to help.

  • Our monthly bills are affordable and we will work with customers to help make paying them easier.




  • We respect the land and water and work hard to reduce the overall environmental impact of our business.

  • We invest in renewable generation and offer the communities we serve the opportunity to sell renewable electricity to us.

  • We are an environmental leader, recognized provincially and nationally for our achievements.

  • We have been registered to the ISO 14001 environmental standard since 2002 and continue to improve our operations every year.


Safety & Reliability


  • Our goal is to ensure that the power is there when you reach for the switch.

  • Our generation availability is 99.99%, putting our reliability in the top 25% of comparable companies across Canada.

  • Our public safety program helps raise awareness of the dangers of electricity. We work with schools to ensure children know how to stay safe around electricity.

  • We respond to emergency power outages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.