Supporting Local Economies

Supporting Local Economies & Indigenous Businesses


Indigenous Procurement at Hydro One Remotes


Hydro One is committed to developing and maintaining relationships with Indigenous peoples that demonstrate mutual respect for one another. We own assets on reserve lands and within the traditional territories of First Nations and Métis peoples. We recognize that First Nations and Métis peoples and their lands are unique in Canada, with distinct legal, historical and cultural significance. We believe in supporting local indigenous economies and businesses whenever possible, both in and out of the communities we serve.


Annually, Hydro One Remotes spends approximately 40% of its total Operation, Maintenance & Administration (OMA) & Capital budgets on Indigenous Procurement (purchases).


Areas of spending


  • Fuel purchases via Fly-in, Road, Winter Road or Barge

  • Local First Nation Tank Farm storage

  • Charter and cargo flights

  • Diesel Generating Station Operators

  • Local Meter Readers & Distribution Operators

  • Rentals of heavy equipment, operators & local labour

  • Forestry brushing contracts

  • Gravel & other aggregates

  • Local community staff house cleaning services

  • Translation services (oral and written)

  • Community water & sewage services

  • Catering for local meetings

  • Customer Advisory Board Member honourariums

  • Purchase of local art for Artist Project

  • Community Hall rentals

  • Local Community event sponsorships

  • Winter road tolls

  • Energy conservation program rebates and products for customers and communities

  • Land Assessment Remediation work, including monitoring operators and equipment rentals

Kingfisher Lake Fuel Tank Farm

Fuel Tank Farm at Kingfisher Lake First Nation


The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business has given Hydro One a Silver Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) rating:

PAR Silver companies have had their business case proved through their Aboriginal relations; business partnerships are in place; Aboriginal people are adding value at their workplace; and they are supporting sustainability through investment in communities and people. PAR Silver companies recognized early the value of working with Aboriginal communities and can point to outcomes that have made a difference.


Community Employment with Hydro One Remotes


Diesel Generation Operators


In each of the 21 off-grid communities that Hydro One Remotes serves, there are one or more local community operators employed at the diesel generating station. Ongoing training is provided to these Operators to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to assist in the operation and maintenance of the plant and ensure reliable and safe power is provided to their communities.

Annual Local Operator training courses include:

  • Diesel Engine Operations

  • Electrical Safety Awareness

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response including Power Outages

  • Fuel Kiosk & Tank Farm Operations

  • General Environmental Awareness

  • Operations & Procedures

  • Plant Systems & Functions

  • Waste Management & Transfer of Dangerous Goods

  • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System)

Demonstration of the computer system at Gull Bay Diesel Generating Station

Local Operator Sam Shoonias from Gull Bay First Nation demonstrates the computer system at Gull Bay Diesel Generating Station.


Meter Readers

In each community, we also employ one or more people responsible for reading and submitting energy consumption amounts each month. The accurate and timely meter reads are very important to ensuring that customers receive accurate bills. Meter Readers receive ongoing training and support from our Billing and distribution departments.


Distribution Operators

In a few off-grid communities, and all grid-connected communities, there is a local Distribution Operator who is trained by Remotes, learning electrical safety and the local distribution system (poles, meters, etc.). This role greatly helps to quickly identify the source of unplanned power outages, and other issues.


Catering & Translators

When holding a community information meeting, we rent the space and make a point to hire a local oral translator to help with communications as well as local catering when available.


Forestry Brushing 

On an approximate 6-year rotation, each community is offered a brushing contract to hire a local crew to clear the right-of-way underneath the powerlines in the community.


Cleaning Staff

A local cleaning person is hired to clean Hydro House accommodations.


Environmental Monitoring

On an as-needed basis, community members are sometimes hired for environmental monitoring projects.


Equipment Rentals & Operation

Certain projects require hiring community members for aggregates, snow removal, heavy equipment operation or as local labour.


Ken Strang translates into Ojibway for Gail Murray at Hydro One Remotes Community information meeting

Oral translator Ken Strang translates into Ojibway for Gail Murray at a Hydro One Remotes Community information meeting & Bingo in Pikangikum.


Download PDF versions:

Indigenous Procurement & Local Employment at Hydro One Remotes (.PDF)