Reporting a Power Outage

In Case of a Power Outage or an Emergency in a Hydro One Remotes Served Community:

Please call 1-888-825-8707


Power Outage Checklist (.PDF)



Hydro Remotes has one of the most robust and reliable electricity systems in Canada. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable power to the communities we serve.

Occasionally equipment failure, weather, falling trees, animal contact, or vehicular contact with our network can cause a power outage. When this happens our staff and management team spring into action following the steps below:


Step 1


There are several ways we learn of an outage:

  • Customers contact our 24/7 outage line at 1-888-825-8707 to let us know there is an issue.

  • Our local operators note power is out and contact our communications center.

  • Our remote monitoring system indicates an alarm and notifies us that there is an issue.

Customers are strongly encouraged to contact our 24/7 outage line at 1-888-825-8707 as soon as possible. Generally, the sooner we know of the trouble, the sooner the response.

From there, we use the information provided and additional remote diagnostics to determine the best course of action to expedite the restoration of power.


Step 2


  • Assessing the situation usually includes having the local operator complete additional on-site assessment, send pictures of problem, perform additional repairs, and most importantly ensure the site is safe. In some cases, the local operator will request assistance from local emergency service to secure the site.

  • Once the site is secure and safety is certain, we continue to assess the situation and probable repairs needed. The on-call supervisor will review all the information provided, discuss further with the local operator, consult our specialists if required and determine who needs to attend the site and initiate repairs. Often, your local trained operator is able to resolve the issue over the phone with the on-call supervisor.


Step 3


Assuming the local operator cannot safely restore power, we will mobilize staff from various locations to attend the trouble. Highly trained staff including lines, mechanical, electrical, control tradespeople are specifically selected based on the type of trouble expected, to ensure the most effective response.

The on-call supervisor will contact staff to attend the trouble call based on the following:

  • Complexity of the trouble

  • Skillset to complete the repairs

  • Proximity to the trouble

  • Customer impact

  • Depending on the nature and extent of the outage we can mobilize staff local to the Community, Thunder Bay, North Ontario, and if required other centers within the province.

Logistics are managed in conjunction with crew selection to ensure we have transportation, material, and equipment ready to go ensuring our crews are on-site as quickly as possible.

A great deal of planning has gone into preparing for various outage scenarios.  There are several factors that can impact how long it will take to restore power:

  • Proximity of crews to the trouble location.

  • Availability of planes and flight crews to get to the community, if required.

  • Weather and its impact on the safety of our employee’s ability to travel to the community.

  • Complexity of the repair, as well as equipment and materials required to make repairs.

  • Daylight, or after hour calls

  • Weekday vs. weekend trouble


Step 4


  • Our crews, management, and dispatchers stay on the job until we have restored power to everyone.

  • We also revisit any temporary repairs, and complete additional testing to ensure repairs are safe and Electrical Distribution Safety Regulation, Ontario Regulation 22/04.

  • Further maintenance is often scheduled or planned after trouble is resolved.

  • Large or unique outages are reviewed during monthly leadership meetings to identify areas to improve response and or reduce future occurrences.


What can you do to help?

Report power outages as soon as they occur. 1-888-825-8707. Provide as much detail as possible:

  • Is it just your house that is out of power or is it several houses, or the whole community?

  • Are you aware of what may have caused the outage?

    • Is there a tree on the line?

    • Did are truck hit a pole or snag a line down the street.?

    • Was there a house fire in the community?

    • Are there lines down?

  • If there are signs that poles are broken, lines are down, or a tree is on the line do not go near the scene.



Download Power Restoration Steps (.PDF)