Streetlight Retrofit Program

Streetlights are a great way to light up dark areas of your community for safety and security. Energy efficient LED bulbs (that can last up to 23 years!) are mounted on existing Hydro One Remotes’ hydro poles and you are charged the streetlight rate for energy.


Street Light


Here are the steps to get streetlights in your community!


  1. Give us a call at 1-888-825-8707 or email to talk about your project and what you have in mind (number of streetlights you would like, locations, etc.).

  2. A Customer Service Tech will schedule a site visit with you or a representative from your First Nation in your community to discuss the placement location of the suggested streetlights. We will work with you to determine the locations that are most cost effective and offer maximum lighting. 

  3. Your First Nation will be invoiced for layout costs for the site visit.

  4. An Streetlight Installation & Materials Cost Estimate will be provided to your First Nation, listing all of the needed LED bulbs, bolts, arms (if required), as well as the labour costs, so that you know what the project will cost.

  5. A Streetlight Agreement will be sent to your First Nation to be signed, detailing the project between your First Nation and Hydro One Remotes. 

  6. A Streetlight Invoice will be sent to your First Nation, to pay for the agreed upon work. Once paid, the work in your community will be scheduled.

  7. Hydro One Remotes will order and arrange all of the needed equipment and our line maintainers will install your new streetlights.


Once you have your new streetlights, any needed maintenance can be done at cost by our trained staff that are already regularly on site in your community. 


Already have streetlights but want to upgrade?


For communities that already have Streetlights, we offer a Streetlight Retrofit Program that gives financial incentive to upgrade old bulbs with new energy efficient, long lasting LED bulbs. LED bulbs save communities a substantial amount of money over the long term because they use much less energy than older style bulbs. The steps in this program are similar to those listed above, with the addition that after all the work is completed, Hydro One Remotes will pay your community a Streetlight Retrofit Rebate of $250 for each streetlight you change to an LED!

Contact Gail Murray at ph. 1-807-474-2832 or email for more information on the Street Light Retrofit Program. 

Download PDF version:

(English), (.PDF) - Streetlight Retrofit Program