REINDEER Renewable Energy Program

Renewable Energy

Wind Generator

Hydro Generator

Reindeer Renewable Energy


Two Types of Renewable Projects Available 

  • Must be a renewable resource
  • Must have First Nation participation/support (if in a First Nation community)
  • Project must be sized according to the electrical needs of the community and to the kW size of existing generation in the community


"Net" Metering

Net Metering


  • Production of renewable energy “nets” or offsets building energy use
  • Customer/owner enjoys lower energy bills
  • Currently a typical net metering installation is on a Standard “A” Community-owned building (school, water treament plant, etc.) as these buildings are charged the highest rates
  • As of May 1, 2022, Standard "A" rates over 250 kWh are as follows
    • Air Access – 110.77 cents/kWh
    • Road/Rail – 76.60 cents/kWh
    • Grid Connected - 34.70 cents/kWh (all kWhs)
  • Projects must be sized according to the facility's load and may not exceed 50% of annual energy consumption
  • Available for grid-connected and non-grid connected communities




Solar Panels in a field


  • Payments are made for kWh injected into Remotes' system
  • kWh rate is based on 3 year historical average cost of fuel per kWh (avoided cost of fuel) specific to that community
  • 2022 rates range from 21.2 cents/kWh to 81.3 cents/kWh with most communities in the 40 cent range
  • Customer/owner gets paid quarterly
  • Only available for non-grid connected communities



Download PDF version:


(English), (.PDF) - Reindeer Overview

(English), (.PDF) - Reindeer Guidelines 

(English), (.PDF) - Reindeer Process Flow Chart