All About Meter Reading

About Hydro Meters


  • On the side of each home, building or housing unit is a Hydro Meter that tracks how much energy is used in kilowatts (kW).

  • Every month, a local meter reader walks around the community and writes down the meter “reads” from every meter and sends it to the Hydro One Remotes Billing office.

  • From these reads, we calculate how much energy your house has used in the past month by subtracting the amount from the previous month’s reading.

  • In a few communities, seasonal or hard to reach customers phone in their own reads to our office.

  • Reading a meter is easy: the meter will flash periodically - wait until a couple of series are shown, then record the number shown left to right, just like reading the odometer of a truck.

Photo of a Hydro Meter


Each Meter is Unique

All Hydro Meters have a “J” number. This is a unique number (no other meter has the same number) that is the “name” of the meter. Your meter number can be found on the bottom of your bill.


Meter Reading Example


Submitting a Meter Read

There are a few situations where you may be asked to submit a meter read:

  • You may be a seasonal customer.
  • We may want to make sure that you are getting the right bill for the right house, and we will want to confirm that the “J” number on your meter is the same as on your bill.
  • The meter reader was unable to read your meter.


There are two ways to submit a meter read:

  1. Take a photo of your meter and email it to Hydro One Remotes Billing at Be sure to include your name & community or account number in your email.
  2. Write down the meter read and phone our office at 1-800-465-5085.


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