Roles at Remotes

The many roles at Hydro One Remotes


Hydro One Remotes is a multi-faceted business based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with 5 Departments with approximately 60 staff in various roles:


Distribution Department

  • Lines & Scheduling
    • Linespersons
    • Meter and Distribution Design Technicians
    • Customer Operations Service Representatives 

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Department
    • Environmental, Health and Safety Coordinators
    • Environmental, Health and Safety Technicians

Generation Department

  • Operations
    • Operations Officers (for training local Operators)
    • Stockkeepers
    • Civil engineering & project management
    • Civil maintenance
    • Mechanical & Electrical Technicians
    • Customer Operations Service Representatives
  • Generation
    • Diesel Generation Mechanics
    • Electricians
    • Protection & Control Technicians (P& C)
    • Customer Operations Service Representatives

Engineering Department

  • Mechanical Engineers 
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Drafting (AutoCAD) Technician

Customer Service & Business Integration Department

  • Customer Care (Billing)
  • Community Relations
  • Regulatory and Legal
  • Business Development

Finance Department

  • Accountants
  • Financial Analyst
  • Accounting Services Clerk


In addition, to the above permanent staff positions, approximately 10-20, CUSW or Power Worker Union (PWU) Hiring Hall members are utilized as needed, such as welders, additional linespersons, mechanics or electricians as projects require.

There are also over 30 Local Community Operators employed at our diesel generating stations maintaining equipment, performing maintenance, and making sure the plant is operating smoothly.

Local Meter Readers are hired in most communities, providing another important role for Hydro One Remotes’ business.

In addition to local staff, Hydro One Remotes also leverages corporate functions and services from Hydro One Networks, through the affiliate relationship code.