Marten Falls First Nation (Ogoki Post)

The Marten Falls Diesel Generating Station (DGS) has 3 Generators ranging from 410-1045 kW providing electrical power and distribution for the over 350 on-reserve residents of the remote, fly-in Ojibway speaking community located in Northern Ontario on the beautiful Albany River.

The DGS had a major upgrade completed in 2022: 2021-22 Marten Falls Upgrade Community Handout (.pdf)


marten falls upgrade

1mw generator, marten falls
Major Upgrade Project in Marten Falls (2021) – Creation of a new generator building for the new 1MW generator

1mw generator - inside, marten falls
The new 1MW Generator weighs 34,500 lbs and has 12 cylinders and 1476 horsepower


Marten Falls First Nation is a member of Matawa First Nations Tribal Council:

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